Each Hero has 3 skills that can be triggered by a certain dice rolls. Each skills give certain effects that could enhance the gameplay, inflict buffs/debuffs, and even turn the tide of the game to your favor. The skills are triggered by certain dice combination and is executed from bottom to top, taking turns with opponents

Level 1 Hero has 1 skill, Lvl 2 Hero has 2 skills, and Lvl 3 Hero has 3 skills.

The SkillsEdit

The kinds of skills and its effect can be seen below. For easier search, The skill list is divided to several categories:

- Attack - Edit

Various kinds of attack skills are introduced here

- Buff -Edit

Buff empowers your hero, making him/her more versatile in inflicting damage or supporting themselves

- Debuff -Edit

Debuff weakens your opponent, making them easier to crush

-Others- Edit

Other skill effects besides the above 3 are introduced here