Seals of Power are semi permanent effects that can be added to cards to boost their potential in battle. Seals can increase both the offensive and defensive capabilities of a card. Cards with a Seal placed on them will have a new border and will always start the game with a buff. A well selected seal can help a card win a lost battle, and gives it an advantage over cards without Seals.

Types of Seals Edit

There are seven types of Seals in the game, each one granting a different buff. Once a seal is place on a card, it will stay there until it is removed. Removing and replacing a Seal will destroy the previous Seal.

  • Unholy Seal grants cards Stench 20. This ability is most effective with cards that have single Dice activated abilities.
  • Fire Seal gives cards +60 Strength. This seal is very useful for Strength based and Sword utilizing Heroes.
  • Spirit Seal gives the card +50 DMG. This seal greatly boosts the damage of multi hitting cards.
  • Steel Seal grants 300 Shield to the card. Capable of both defensive and offensive, this seal can absorb damage and amplify damage for Shield Bash users.
  • Bark Seal grants 60 Resilience. This seal is very good at mitigating multi hitters and works well with Dodge.
  • Ice Seal gives one Dodge to the card. This is good for reducing early burst damage, but is not effective against multi hitters.
  • Thorns Seal gives the card 70 Thorns. Damaging attackers, this seal is very useful against multi hitter but weak against heavy hitters,

Obtaining Seals of Power Edit

Seals Of Power can be obtained through the chests that appear at the end of a match. Once you have obtained 200 copied of the same seal, you will be rewarded with one copy of a seal that can be placed on your cards.

You can also ask your Clan members to donate 3 copies of a specific Seal. This function can only be used once every 8 hours.

Seals of Power can also be purchased from the store for Fee'z, similar to Crystals.